Find out where the car is at any time. View the done routes, receive detailed information on places and time of parking and speed of movement.

Download various reports to meet your business needs. More than 30 types of reports are available in TrackPro, however, if you do not find what your company needs, we are ready to develop a report individually for you

Departure of a car from a certain territory, refueling / draining fuel, disconnecting the device from power, speeding, excessive fuel consumption at idle, and much more

Receive notifications about events related to the car - inspection, insurance, oil change, etc. Keep a record of the costs of maintaining the fleet

Plan and optimize the route, arrange delivery points in the correct sequence and compare the planned route with the done

Fuel level


Fuel Consumption


Green driving

By controlling your driving style, save on fuel and repairs.

Wireless Temperature Sensors

Get temperature and humidity information online. Without wires and installation

TP Taho

Read data from the tachograph remotely and receive operational information about the driver’s working hours



Optimization and route planning

Waybill smart

Automatic waybill creation


Plan a route, create tasks and
send all the necessary information
to the driver on your phone or tablet

Tracking system for trailers

GPS tracking

Connection to the side lights and installation of an additional battery

Audible siren - alarm in case of unauthorized opening of doors




Door openings

Connection to stationary trailer equipment (Thermo King, etc.)


SOS Button

Call for emergency assistance

Axle load sensor

Accurate information on the load on each axis, alerts in case of overload


Driver identification

Portable GPS tracker with
built-in battery

• Autonomous operation up to 2 years
• Transmission of data on the location of the object up to 10 times a day
• Miniature size and easy use
• Protection against detection in the event of reading frequencies
• Notification in case of unauthorized movement