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Personal tracker

For the safety of people close to you or the control of mobile employees

99, -


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Monthly fee
(SIM included)

SOS signal

When you click the alarm button, the destination you selected will receive a notification with your exact location

Drop sensor

The device will automatically detect a drop and notify the contact person you specified

Location online

In real time, monitor where the device is located and view the history of movements

Built-in battery

Included is a device for charging. With active data transfer, the device works up to 2 days without charging

Security solutions

SOS button

Call for emergency assistance


Rescue Emergency Call System

GPS beacon

Miniature portable tracker with location transfer up to several times a day

Remote alarm

In case of an alarm, get a prompt notification on your phone

GPS collar

The device is suitable for tracking different types of animals

GPS bike tracker

Find out where your bike is at any given time