Rexfleet provides ready-to-use telematics solutions. All technology, products, services and know-how from one company. One contact for all questions.

Our partners can fully focus on sales and greatly benefit from our knowledge and experience. We help our service providers to achieve better results and growth in the long and short term through close partnership, knowledge and experience sharing and by providing all needed products and services.


Full Solution Provider

We design and manufacture GPS tracking hardware, develop real-time tracking software, share know-how and provide other needed services.

  • GPS tracking hardware
  • Tracking platform Rexfleet

  • Accessories and sensors
  • Tech. support and training
  • Connectivity
  • Industry Know-how

Close Partnership

We adapt to our partners’ business models and culture and build trust with real examples of business practices. To make the partnership stronger, we focus on long-term partnerships.

One Technology Provider

We develop and manufacture all products for fleet management and GPS tracking. We own the whole value chain from production to after-sale and take responsibility at every step.


Close work with end-users in our local markets allows us to identify their needs first hand and create solutions that solve real, everyday problems.


Compatible With Any Tracker

We’re partnered with biggest GPS tracker manufacturers in the World and currently support 900+ devices. If you can’t find yours, just let us know and we’ll add it for you.