Tachograph Solution

The complete solution for digital tachographs and drivers time management to comply with EU regulations.

  • Automatic tachograph file and driver card file download (.DDD, .tgd,. v1b)
  • Time analysis to manage drivers working, driving and resting times

  • Data transfer to other servers and integrations via API
  • Works with smart tachographs (VDO and Stoneridge)

Remote Tachograph Download

Remotely download digital tachograph files and driver card files. Make tachograph file management fast, easy and error-free.

Tachograph files download automatically based on a created schedule with custom settings. Files can be downloaded for vehicles or drivers separately, for vehicle or driver groups simultaneously and with data from both card slots. Additional tachograph data (faults and events, speed data, technical data) can also be received.

Tachograph files and driver card files are downloaded in .DDD format or .tgd and .v1b formats required by France and Spain.

  • Tachograph file and driver card file download
  • Automatic download by custom schedules
  • Download, upload and manage files
  • Driver detection and automatic assignation from driver card

The tachograph files can also be automatically transferred to other FTP servers. It is an easy way to transfer files for 3rd party analysis.


Time Analysis

Manage drivers working, driving and resting times based on (EC) 561/2006 regulation. Plan better trips and avoid fines for violating driving time regulation.

Time analysis module shows the summary of drivers working time :

  • Time left to drive this day and week
  • When to make next rest daily and weekly rest
  • Time already driven and worked
  • Extended driving and reduced rest events

This information can be sent to email as a report on a selected period of time. The information about drivers working time can be also transferred to 3rd party systems, using API solution.


Compatible With Any Tracker

We’re partnered with biggest GPS tracker manufacturers in the World and currently support 900+ devices. If you can’t find yours, just let us know and we’ll add it for you.