[collapsibles] [collapse title=”Online tracking” state=”active”] Find out where the car is at any time. View the done routes, receive detailed information on places and time of parking and speed of movement. [/collapse] [collapse title=”Reports”] Download various reports to meet your business needs. More than 30 types of reports are available in TrackPro, however, if you do not find what your company needs, we are ready to develop a report individually for you [/collapse] [collapse title=”Notifications”] Departure of a car from a certain territory, refueling / draining fuel, disconnecting the device from power, speeding, excessive fuel consumption at idle, and much more [/collapse] [collapse title=”Organizer”] Receive notifications about events related to the car – inspection, insurance, oil change, etc. Keep a record of the costs of maintaining the fleet [/collapse] [collapse title=”Route planning”] Plan and optimize the route, arrange delivery points in the correct sequence and compare the planned route with the done [/collapse] [/collapsibles]

Fuel level


Tax softening


TP Taho

Read data from the tachograph remotely. Connecting to a tachograph allows you to read data automatically and at any time, and a data analysis system will allow you to get detailed information about the driver’s work and notify of violations

Green driving

With this system you will know the driving style of the driver. The system collects data on the use of the car, after which it evaluates the efficiency and correctness of driving. A great way to save up to 30% on fuel and vehicle operating costs. Additionally, you can install a panel in the passenger compartment, which will notify the driver of violations, such as sudden accelerations, braking or cornering.


• Fuel control – displays the current level, the amount of refueling and drained fuel
• Accuracy from 99%
• Control of fuel consumption
• Registration of consumables performing refueling (name, time, amount of fuel), as well as blocking the fuel pump during refueling without identification.
• Certificate of conformity ADR