Complete Solution From One Provider

Rexfleet service is designed with our clients in mind to improve everyday work efficiency for both, logistics managers and drivers, increasing the rate of timely arrivals and cargo utilization.

Web Platform For Dispatcher

The dispatcher can send created tasks, generated routes, and messages from TrustTrack Web platform straight to Driver App. Improved communication is complemented by the possibility to monitor task progress, receive the latest tachograph and fuel consumption data as well as connect with other systems or web services.

Mobile Driver Application

The co-created Driver app ensures the best user experience – a simple and intuitive user interface enables the driver to easily navigate through received tasks with pre-defined routes, update task status, share files, photos, and messages with the dispatcher.

Tablets With Connectivity Bundle

Integrated Service includes software, tablet, and continuous support. Rexfleet focuses on user experience and ease-of-use, therefore tablet service with reliable connectivity bundle guarantees that the driver has no external distractions and uses the device for work-related tasks only.

Remote Support

Rexfleet provides a long-term solution with excellent support and continuous development that means that more functions will be available in the future. Simple pricing enables the client to save on the additional fees (Driver App, tablet preparation, tablet replacement, tablet software support) and easily predict expenses.

We Bring Efficiency To The Routing And Tasking Functions


Compatible With Any Tracker

We’re partnered with biggest GPS tracker manufacturers in the World and currently support 900+ devices. If you can’t find yours, just let us know and we’ll add it for you.